Suzy with a Z. 

Suzy takes a seat at the far end of the counter and motions to the bartender. Elegant high stools made of dark mahogany wood line the oval shaped counter top. A perfect contrast to the luminous green colour that illuminates the lounge area. They are padded with white leather embroidered cushions for comfort. Suzy doesn’t … Continue reading Suzy with a Z. 

‘We need to talk’ 

Jaz: Hey you. What are you doing? Are you at home?  She sounded flustered and uneasy. Rushing through the sentence like a convict about to be released on parole (if you don’t get this just stop reading). I was too sleepy to pick up on it. Sunday is known as pancake day at my place. … Continue reading ‘We need to talk’ 

What it means to be African.

The motherland. A reference I have heard uttered many times in movies to refer to this place I call home. Where baboons roam free in the jungles beating their chests triumphantly and cheetahs stretch their legs on the savannah. The motherland. A misused phrase spoken by those who have never visited. A term that has … Continue reading What it means to be African.

Lets talk about love

L.O.V.E. Lots of Various Emotions. That right there is the true definition of love my friends. When you are in love you won’t always be giddy with excitement. Love does not emit a constant euphoric high. No. The train of love brings with it frustration, resentment, jealousy and sometimes obsessive behaviour. You may claim that … Continue reading Lets talk about love

How did this happen?

She stood there, a few paces in front of me, in nothing but her birthday suit. Her gaze fixed upon mine, lips slightly parted, porcelain white teeth peeping out. Her right index finger on her bottom lip while her left hand rested on her hip. Flawless cocoa skin. The very definition of an hourglass figure. … Continue reading How did this happen?

Father’s Day Tribute- Tales of my father.

Love them or hate them, fathers are important figures in a child’s life. Their absence may cause a degree of instability that can be difficult to overcome and may manifest as delinquency or juvenile behaviour. They provide a sense of security and calmness in the early stages while offering guidance and wisdom as they grow … Continue reading Father’s Day Tribute- Tales of my father.