What do women want? 

Sigmund Freud. A controversial figure in the world of psychoanalysis -primarily because of his views on women- spent the entirety of his life analyzing the human psyche but he never found an answer to the question posed. What do women want? The question of wants and desires of women is one that is as difficult … Continue reading What do women want? 

The male ego. 

There are a few things that men hold dear to them. Their mothers. Their football team. Their food,  and finally their egos. Coincidentally their egos are directly linked to, yes you guessed it, their dicks. Ladies have you sometimes wondered how a guy who has a face that only a mother can love. A body … Continue reading The male ego. 

Pussy whipped!

The title is self-explanatory. I am not referring to the lovable feline companion that graces many a spinster’s home. Symptoms of being pussy whipped vary from man to man depending on age and size but it is an affliction that does not discriminate against race or ethnicity. Yes, I referred to it as a disease. … Continue reading Pussy whipped!

Are you a sucker?10 signs that you are in a Pyramid Scheme. 

Sucker. The dictionary defines a sucker as a person who is gullible; easily convinced. Suckers are what all pyramid schemes thrive on. Fortunately, there are a lot of suckers out there. Back in the day people used to get up in the morning and go to work to earn an honest living. Work ethic was … Continue reading Are you a sucker?10 signs that you are in a Pyramid Scheme. 

Suzy with a Z. 

Suzy takes a seat at the far end of the counter and motions to the bartender. Elegant high stools made of dark mahogany wood line the oval shaped counter top. A perfect contrast to the luminous green colour that illuminates the lounge area. They are padded with white leather embroidered cushions for comfort. Suzy doesn’t … Continue reading Suzy with a Z. 

What it means to be African.

The motherland. A reference I have heard uttered many times in movies to refer to this place I call home. Where baboons roam free in the jungles beating their chests triumphantly and cheetahs stretch their legs on the savannah. The motherland. A misused phrase spoken by those who have never visited. A term that has … Continue reading What it means to be African.