Barber shop talk – Samantha.

Initially, I was going to write a fluff piece peppered with clever anecdotes. However, given the level of interest this topic has amassed, we might as well try to have a serious conversation. Samantha. A name I have officially struck off my list of baby names along with Eunice, Paul and Peter. It’s the 21st … Continue reading Barber shop talk – Samantha.

Barber shop talk- Kenyan men

A unique species. Code name ‘la fisi.’ He is an animal that seems to be nocturnal in nature. Often residing in night clubs and other dimly lit environs. Preying on the weak and strong with no particular preference. Kenyan men are not wired like other men. I sometimes wonder if they have a complete circuit. … Continue reading Barber shop talk- Kenyan men

The side piece. 

Purity: Open this door, Jamaal! Fungua!! You think you can hide that little slut from me? Eh? You think that I am stupid. I know she is in there. Jamaal: You need to calm down. It's late, you will wake the neighbors. Purity: Fuck the neighbors (glass shatters). Open this damn door!! That is how … Continue reading The side piece. 

A walk down memory lane. 

Life, when you think about it, is all about memories. Every action we take -voluntary or involuntary- creates memories. Some are pleasant while others would rather be forgotten. Hidden away in a dark corner of your mind. Nostalgic moments are few and far between. Humans are programmed to remember unpleasant memories more easily than pleasant … Continue reading A walk down memory lane.